With over 20+ years in music, media, venue, event and hospitality marketing, we have worked with hundreds of brands, groups and labels to provide a tailored approach to clients needs. From social media management, artist & label development plans, release notes, through to interviews, we are able to provide a wide range of services that clients require. We utilise our network of over 27 writers globally, operating across multiple time zones, enabling us to localise and understand international intricacies and cultures when a client’s sensitivities are critical to their success.

Connecting with your followers and stakeholders through non-advertising methods is an extremely effective way to build a brand and influence an audience’s behavior. As a long-term process, we use a number of different tools to help clients communicate with the audiences most important to them. We have invested heavily in journalists to help you reach the key editors, reporters, bloggers, analysts and other influencers within their respective industries with clear, concise, factual written copy for album releases, promo write ups, website copy and artist biographies.