Decoded Creative is an innovative company specifically designed to produce bespoke works for the wider music industry, including record labels, artists, DJs, promoters and venues. As the sister company to the renowned Decoded Magazine, a leading underground electronic music platform, it collates over 8 years of being at the forefront of the music scene, with a deeper understanding of the intricacies of how content is handled and consumed by readers, fans and editorial staff to ensure success of your brand.

After a brief break, Decoded Creative has reformed with a wider range of services and experience, with past and present clients including Label Worx, Global Underground, Selador Records, Dave Seaman, Nick Stoynoff, Anthony Pappa, Diynamic Music, Perspectives Digital, Enrico Sangiuliano, Tom Hades and Magdalena. Our work is tailored to each client’s specific need, brand and messaging to ensure maximum exposure and value. 

A smarter digital marketing strategy in the music business includes content and media experiences that are interactive and experiential. The human brain responds more strongly to media with spatial and multi-sensory elements because of the way we naturally process information about the world. For your marketing efforts, that means finding ways to tell your story so you need to get creative with your branded content, such as music videos or email marketing, to make it more interactive for fans.

Music branding encompasses an artist’s overall message, image, values, ambitions, music, lyrics, themes, personality etc. In essence, it’s what makes the artist unique and recognisable, helping fans identify with the artist, their image and music. A successful marketing and communication strategy should differentiate Artist X from their competitors and create a consistent experience that builds a loyal following. A brand strategy should include a clear roadmap to building brand identity, brand awareness and brand loyalty.

Brand identity refers to the visible elements of a brand – such as your artist name and logo, website, and social media colour palette. Brand identity takes brand image a step further – it focuses on the intent behind choosing specific themes, that ultimately leads to the brand image i.e. the actual result. The brand awareness strategy refers to how you’re going to make your target audience aware that you exist and what distinguishes you from the competition.

Finally, brand loyalty is the fandom. Your fans should start feeling like they’re part of a community. Furthermore, this is your core audience that tends to serve as your megaphone in the digital sphere. They’re devoted to your music and your artistry and are the ones that are ready to buy your concert tickets and merch.