Nick Stoynoff – Chicago

Decoded Creative was approached by Nick after seeing the Anthony Pappa ‘Melbourne’ mix video which had just gone live on YouTube. He was very interested in learning about the approach in how it was created and expressed great interest in considering something similar for his home city and birth place of house music, Chicago.

“Chicago has, IMO, some stunning architecture and skylines. I’m very interested in making one”- Nick said.


We arranged a call to discuss the brief in more detail to really understand the feel for the concept and for Nick to explain the type of music he was selecting to compile the mix for us to visually storyline. “It’s a very ‘Chicago mix’ in style and approach, trying to get the raw/aggressiveness out of it too” – Nick explained.

The mix we were provided to storyline by Nick was beautiful. From its calm and tranquil opening track to the raw and aggressive uptempo peaks and back down again was such a musical journey. It was paramount to carefully select, sequence and edit the visuals to reflect this.


– sourcing video footage
– setting up project folders of related video clips
– roughly sequence clips in their folders on desktop.
– import folders into Adobe Premiere Pro project
– create EQ display graphic in Adobe After Effects and sync to music
– import EQ graphic and audio to add to project timeline (music to act as an editing template)
– converting video frame rates to 24fps
– begin rough sequencing
– primary colour correction
– colour matching video clips
– colour grading
– secondary colour correction
– final sequencing
– adding various video transitions and effects to match and enhance flow of project
– adding tracklist & logo
– exporting project


“Decoded Creative first surfaced when I saw the mix Anthony Pappa did for their series. I was floored not only by the mix but the visual accompaniment. After watching, I developed the idea to do a Chicago-themed version. After reaching out, discussing the concept and objectives, I began compiling a mix. Once delivered, their team started on the visual representation. The result floored me. They met and exceeded my expectations. Everything from the transitions, to the overall aesthetic, was perfectly conveyed. I can’t thank them enough for the amazing work and their creative approach!”

– Nick Stoynoff


01. Spooky – Orange Coloured Liquid
02. Vince Watson – Second Wave (John Beltran’s Pan Am Remix)
03. Marshall Jefferson vs Noosa Heads – Mushrooms (Mazi’s Audio Soul Revamp)
04. Solar Plexus – Solar Plexus (Desyn Masiello & Rowan Blades)
05. Vitess – Yomo
06. Flylight – Dreamer (Robert Babicz Remix)
07. Breaka – Icy Grills
08. Larse – Blind
09. Diskop – Bright Past
10. Boys Noize, Virgil Abloh – Orvnge
11. Amadeezy – Money on my Mind
12. Aril Brikha – Groove La Chord
13. D.I.E. – Move Yo Body
14. Frits Wentink – Space Babe
15. Zenker Brothers – Chi Boost
16. Pete Moss – Strive to Live (Omid 16b Remix vs Nick Stoynoff Edit)
17. Laurent Chanal – Carbon (Vince Watson Reshape Part 1+2)
18. Sandwell District – Untitled