Anthony Pappa – Melbourne

In a showcase video, we invited iconic DJ & producer Anthony Pappa to provide an exclusive guest mix for the launch of our curated video concept mixes for YouTube, our new service available for artists, DJs and labels. Each video uses licensed 4k video sourced from trusted and professional stock sites, edited to the artist requirements and synced to the supplied music. We are able to tailor video for album launches, single releases, event promotions and more.


Described as “The DJs, DJ” Anthony Pappa truly is a master of his craft and one of the most respected and revered DJs on the international circuit. The combination of his genuine love for his art, his down to earth, lovable personality and his constant desire to push the musical boundaries at performances all around the world has made Anthony one of the most sought after DJs on the planet.

An Australian of Italian descent based in Melbourne, Anthony Pappa is a true internationalist, with a self-imposed mission to share his music with people all around the world. And since gracing the cover of DJ Magazine in 2000 as part of the celebrated “Nu-Breed”, Anthony Pappa has taken his rightful place at the top table of DJ royalty.

Running alongside that has been Anthony’s parallel career as a producer. As a classically trained drummer who can both read and write music, Anthony is rare amongst DJs in really understanding the music, and in the process of piecing it together. The man knows his way around a studio as well as a DJ booth, prompting DJ Pete Gooding to quip he’s “the best DJ, technically, I ever saw”. Anthony was the first man Global Underground turned to front up their Nu-Breed series, and several of Anthony’s mixes for Global and for Renaissance have clocked up 100,000 in sales.


For this showcase mix Anthony wanted us to capture the beauty of Melbourne city, a place he calls home. To curate visuals to another one of Anthony’s masterpiece mixes was a joy and honour.


– sourcing video footage
– setting up project folders of related video clips
– roughly sequence clips in their folders on desktop
– import folders into Adobe Premiere Pro project
– create EQ display graphic in Adobe After Effects and sync to music
– import EQ graphic and audio to add to project timeline (music to act as an editing template)
– converting video frame rates to 24fps
– begin rough sequencing
– primary colour correction
– colour matching video clips
– colour grading
– secondary colour correction
– final sequencing
– adding various video transitions and effects to match and enhance flow of project
– adding tracklist & logo
– exporting project


– over 17,000 plays on YouTube
– over 1,700 hours watch time


“An amazing job and very pleased with the outcome” – Anthony Pappa


01. Framewerk – Waveforms [Capital Heaven]
02. Dan & Dan – Imminent Eternity (Four Candles Remix) [ARRVL Records]
03. Sasha Carassi – Shiver (8Kays Remix) [Atlant]
04. Steve Parry – What You Make It (Renato Cohen Remix) [Selador]
05. James Harcourt – Deviate [Unsigned]
06. Sam Hopgood – History (Unsigned)
07. Night Stories – Bedtime Story (Robert Babicz Remix) [Clinique Recordings]
08. Gorge & Markus Homm – Glint [Poker Flat Recordings]
09. Fort Romeau – Control [Permanent Vacation]
10. Anthony Pappa & Jamie Stevens – Here We Go [Selador]
11. Anthony Pappa & Jamie Stevens – Where We’ve Gone [Selador]