Label Worx Promotion Video

Decoded Creative was approached by Label Worx Head of Global Communication, Simon Tillotson with an enquiry for a short promo video to fit in with the launch of their company rebrand.


Label Worx are the world’s largest independent digital distribution partner for indie electronic music labels offering a wide selection of services including Distribution, Promo, Royalty, Demo Management, Mix & Mastering, Accelerate and Social Worx. For 15 years, they have been building a global distribution network and the tools you need to put your music in front of the right audience on time, every time.

Deeply rooted in the heart of global electronic dance music, they are a team of artists, managers, promoters and developers with a collective journey that began on the dance floor. For 15 years, their expertise in the music industry and IT background has allowed them to continuously innovate digital music distribution, transforming the way independent record companies run their businesses today.

Growing alongside numerous influential labels in electronic music, they have always chosen their own path to service their workflow; helping them with fresh and inspiring solutions to break through the crowded and dynamic avenues of the music industry to reach a growing community of music lovers.

Label Worx seek a world where independent labels are empowered to continuously nurture niche and mainstream electronic music artists, supporting as well the cultural communities they all jointly represent. They are committed to making even the smallest of indie labels the greatest, in sharing music to music lovers, worldwide. Above all, they are advocates for independent labels and artists, levelling the level playing field so they can focus on what matters most: the music.


To coincide with the launch of their rebrand the promo video was to deliver their brand beliefs and strapline in line with their new brand image for the very first time in video format and with motion graphics. The video was to be black and white but using their primary brand colour (Tangerine) to highlight key elements of text –

Celebrating 15 years as the world’s largest independent distribution partner for electronic music
– We Simplify Success with industry-leading services that empower labels of all sizes to harness their independence
– We thrive in the underground and provide labels with the tools to Elevate Talent into the mainstream
– From House to Techno, Drum & Bass and Trance, we strive to Amplify Dance Culture in all its forms
– We are passionate music lovers who Relish the Culture and are invested in every step of your journey


We were supplied with their brand style guide to follow in our design process including the new logo, a custom stylised font specifically unique to their brand and their brand pattern guide. A subtle click in-out motion was applied to their label icon at the intro and outro of the video. To help give a pop to the brand beliefs we applied a fade out text animation using Adobe After Effects which leaves the highlighted text on the screen a few seconds longer to give emphasis before the next section of text appears. Appropriate b-roll was sourced and edited to the track which was supplied to us for use.


– source video footage from stock sites to incorporate with supplied reference video
– convert frame rates to 24fps
– sequence on Adobe Premiere Pro timeline to supplied music
– convert all video to black & white
– match and balance tones, contrast and shadows
– split logo into layers in Adobe Illustrator to be imported into After Affects for animation
– Animate icon part of logo in After Effects with a subtle click in-out motion
– export animated logo
– animate brand belief text copy in After Effects
– sequence text animation and edit in Premiere Pro timeline
– explore use of brand patterns in Adobe Illustrator
– create layers for use in After Effects and Premiere Pro
– create strapline text animation in After Effects
– final sequencing
– export project


“Decoded Creative helped us produce our first promo video following our company rebrand. Working with limited reference points, Daz was able to bring the new brand to life in a creative way that nailed the brief, and was really helpful and patient across multiple edit requests.”

– Simon Tillotson (Global Music Communications Manager, Label Worx)